Ourvideo CMS

In consultation with community groups, Our Video is an accessible “Toolkit” through which communities can produce their own video and multi media content, at low cost and distribute it across the internet. This project brings together community media and recent digital technology developments in a project that is explicitly designed to systematise the approach and make it available as a generic toolkit.

Download Ourvideo CMS here ourvid_cms_9.5_blank.tar.gz

The toolkit facilitates communities to generate content and use broadband with minimal support.

Ourvideo CMS is a Media content management system running on MySql and php. It is aimed at community and low budget groups and can help them achieve their aims at a lower cost in the following ways. There are minimal changes to the standard server environment to help groups that don't have access to a high level server administration resources.

  • Download Ourvideo CMS here ourvid_cms_9.5_blank.tar.gz
  • Ourvideo Open source Training Manual.

    Installing Ourvideo CMS

    Download the tar.gz file and uncompress it. Read /docs/setup_notes.txt for full help on how to install it safely on your server.

    More information on the Video Content Management system

    This project is small but in active development. There are regular updates especially to plug into new developments like Media RSS and applications like Fireant and Democracy Player. Please help us out by testing the code. And contributing to the forums. There are specific things you can do to help please contact me if you are interested in contributing. Mick at Undercurrents.org.
  • Ourvideo CMS Users help forum.

    This CMS encourages users to download Videos directly to their hard drive and caters to groups who wish their work to be viewed full screen. This helps replace the need for costly distribution of Video material on DVD and VHS.

    It uses metafiles to stream media files without the need for expensive server software.

    It creates rss feeds including media rss feeds embedding video and other media content in such feeds. This is envisaged to be the most active area of deleopment.

    Ourvideo CMS is written in basic php and is suitable as a training tool for teaching.

    It is designed to create multiple subchannels of sites which share content but give the different groups total control over what appears on their site with out any branding. This is really desirable for community groups.

    The uploading forms presented to the users have been designed to be very clear.

    The CMS outputs media rss feeds for Yahoo Video searches.

    More information on the project

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